I know…

… it’s been ages since I’ve blogged. I’ve been struggling to write – which is strange. I might not always know what to say, but I can always write. That’s how it used to be anyway. But I’m changing, so maybe this will change as well.

Anyway, a little update might be in order, since I’m about to leave Australia. I’ve been from Mackay to Gin Gin, to Brisbane, to Gold Coast, to Byron Bay, to Sunshine Coast and arrived in Sydney New Year’s eve. Here I met up with Irene from my teacher training in ’13. I did not see any fireworks or even have a glass of champagne. I was dancing – kizomba, bachata and salsa, in that order. It was amazing. I have absolutely no regret that I didn’t take the long walk Irene did, towards the Opera House and back to the club. I was high on dancing, and that was the perfect way to welcome 2015, for me. I usually love the fireworks, and can be found on the street at 5 past midnight gazing up with (a bottle of) champagne in my hand just not this time. Maybe it’s good to change things every now and then.

Sydney is awesome. I’ve been here for 2 weeks, and I have been planning to leave for Melbourne a couple of times, but never succeeded with my plans. And it’s been good. There have been lessons to learn, people to meet and experiences I wouldn’t want to be without. And Irene has been so amazing to hang around with. She just has this amazing, and consistent positive outlook, which can be overwhelming, but inevitably will have an effect on the people lucky enough to be around her, including me. She is definitely one of the reasons the energy has kept me here in Sydney. Thanks to her, and a little pep-talk from Mette-Marie in Denmark, I’m slowly beginning to believe, that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I have been shedding some skin and shaking some layers off. I feel like I say this every time I write a blog, but I’m telling you… Australia has been intense. Least of all the 2 months in Mackay.

I started eating meat again. It wasn’t easy, definitely some things to overcome mentally, as I began to make it a part of my meals again. It was right for me to go vegetarian for the 2 years that have gone by. But I never went vegetarian for idealistic reasons. And have learned that my body is pretty good at communicating to me what it is in need of. After the 2 months of teacher training and following torn tissue and a disc bulge, I needed protein. For a month and a half I managed on tempeh, eggs and Quorn. But my body said “enough.” It was a huge mental hurdle, to begin eating meat again. It didn’t feel nice at all. I mean, my body was content, and didn’t require too much adjusting to digesting meat, but my mind was struggling. I have overcome that, and all of a sudden I find myself being super sensitive to a balanced diet. I need my fruit, veggies and protein (meat and protein shake), to stay balanced in body, mind and emotions. And I’m reacting fast – especially emotionally. It’s really quite interesting.

Irene took me to a meeting with some visa/education specialists. She wants to stay here in Sydney and study and work. And eventually get sponsored, so she can work full-time and make some money. Since my money situation has known better days, I considered the same. Long story very short… because of my Danish citizenship and bachelor’s degree in social work/social education, I can apply directly for a permanent residency. Which would save me the costs of studying, and making sure I only work 20 hours per week. It will cost me AUD 3000 just for the application, and the visa agency may want some money as well. I need to be approved by the Association of Social Workers, which includes an Aisle English test where I have to score at least 8 out of 10. Rumour has it, that even native English speakers flunk this test, so that would require some serious studying. But I’m intrigued, and will most likely go for it. It’s a good option to make some money in a place I’m enjoying. I’m not thinking forever. I still have a flirt with Central and South America and perhaps an option to work in Doha, Qatar. Fact is, I need to get some cash flow – not the kind that’s only going out. And I need to feel where the energy is taking me.

First it takes me back to Indonesia. My visa to Australia is valid for a year, but I can only stay 3 months a time. And since my friend Jakob from Denmark is coming to Gili Islands with 4 friends, I took the opportunity to meet up with him, and visit “home”. And I’m so excited I can barely type. It will be a tough goodbye to Australia. I have so many things to be grateful for, that I don’t even know where to begin, and 3 months went by so fast. But there are some really good times ahead. And after a few weeks back in Indo, I will go back to India. Yes, I applied for a visa in Brisbane, and it went through. I will fly to Bangalore and join an ashram run by a man I’ve been in contact with regarding a job opportunity, which I was not able to take on at that time. But what an excellent opportunity to get to know him better, deepen my own practice and visit a friend from Copenhagen, who recently moved back to Bangalore. Whether I will travel a bit in India afterward, or go straight for a job in Doha or Australia, time will tell.

Btw. For the first time in my life, I’m staying at a hostel. It’s AUD 38 per night (yikes), but a good place. Clean, cool staff crowd and central location. BUT goodness gracious! That’s really all I can say. My first reaction when I moved in January 1st was that I’m too old for this shit – drunk-ass English people in their early twenties all over the place. They were actually quite lovely, the two boys from my dorm. But their +10 mates and pre-parties in our tiny 6-bed dorm was not the bomb. Well, it looked like an explosion after they left, and I’m sure they had a blast. But the 4 other people in the room, didn’t necessarily have the same kind of fun. But it’s all good, because everything after that seemed like absolutely nothing. And I have toughened up during the 2 weeks I’ve been living here, and now the 6-dorm room is sort of my home. Two other party lads moved in for 3 nights. And they were so easy to take a piss at, especially when they had their massive hang-overs, and I would come home from my morning practice in Hyde Park.

That is my update for now. Don’t know what else to tell you wonderful people right now. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you are missing. That might help my writer’s block a bit.

Please remember that I lost all phone contacts. You can find me on WhatsApp and Viber with my Danish phone number. And Skype is an option as well.

So long beautiful followers. Much love.

As always edited by amazing Lisa Cosmillo.