Mackay… Adjusting is required.

Kindly edited by Lisa Cosmillo.

So, landed in Mackay about a week ago – super stoked to see my friend Gavin again. It’s kind of funny with him and me. We can be on opposite sides of the world. Not see each other for a couple of years. Even not be in touch for more than a year. But as soon as we talk, or actually see each other again, it seems like we just hung out yesterday.

Now I’m here… been sick for a week. Almost back at 100% and totally using whatever energy I have, to adjust to my new family life. I literally went from 2 months in a yoga bubble, mostly in self-chosen solitude whenever the opportunity allowed me to, to being the 5th family member. Being a sister and auntie full-on-full-time is a massive change. And I’m still trying to adapt to it. It’s beautiful and heartwarming to be here, and Gavin and Celese are awesome just for opening their home to me. I guess we all need to adjust – I just might be a bit slow on that one.

While I’m in my new family situation… Celese is a freaking hero! She’s managing a home, two girls (5 years and 15 months), all the meals, homeschooling, being a wife, has a minimum of time for herself and keeping everything together, with a calmness and grace of which I can only dream. I would go crazy (which might be more telling about me than anything). I’m trying to help here and there, but it seems like a single drop in the ocean. Gavin is working really hard, no doubt – but Celese keeps everything together. She’s the definition of a Super Woman.

Almost fully recovered, I’m slowly getting ready to get out of the house, and explore a bit. Already found two places with social salsa dancing (first Mackay Google search off course). One is 2 hours every Wednesday, and the other is the first Saturday of every month. It might not be much, but at least there’s somewhere to go and get my dance-mania out. Now I just need to get a local SIM card (so Google Maps can guide me around and home), and a bike. Yes a bike! I’ll be totally gross and sweaty, summer and humidity is slowly taking over here, but at least I’ll be able to move around without bothering Gavin or Celese. I guess you can take the woman out of Copenhagen, but Copenhagen stays with the woman.

I get up (almost) every morning at 5.30, which is kind of sleeping in, after getting up at 4.45 the past month. I’m doing my yoga practice, and sometimes I will go for a run first thing. It’s a beautiful time of day, sunlight and not too warm (yet).

On another note… How cool is Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp? They allow me to be anywhere in the world, and still be in contact with Iceland, Bahrain, Denmark and so on.

Anyway – back to my book reports. Just because the training finished, doesn’t mean I’m off the hook. Four book reports and a manual to be worked on. Anybody up for two books based on Sanskrit verses, and write how 3 of the topics are compelling to me, how it changes my practice and how it will affect my teaching?